At Thinks Social Orgs, we believe a better understanding gets better results in the business organization.  We also believe that systems rely on their parts and environments to function properly.  We focus on the relationship connections through systemic perspectives.  We are excited to help our community reach higher learning, as a tool.



At Thinks Social Orgs we believe there are better ways to review parts of the relationship; between environment and challenging problems in busi8ness organization.

I am excited to simplify systemically-driven business organization for every organization to use as helpful tools.

Meet Constance

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Thinks Social Orgs was founded by Constance  D. Woodsom in 2016.  it started as a blog outreach to cultivate thought leaders and innovators to share their successes and failures.

We successfully networked Twitter Lists of influential leaders and innovators, yet,  wanted to do much more.  Then, experienced problematic challenges of our own.   We are backed by a professional degree in Organizational Development and Leadership including more than 17 years of customer relationship management experience and 7 years experience in computer information systems management